About me


Where to begin… let’s work backwards… yoga teacher trained but doesn’t teach, yoga therapy student in progress, wanna be writer, stage and screen actor of sorts, professional IT geek, Antarctic Expeditioner, chaotic evil magic user/cleric, massive reader, movie fanatic ; occasionally spiritual, constantly in motion and exceptionally unsatisfied with life in general.

In the good old days I’d travelled a lot working around the world. Then life kicked in and well…Everyone misses the good old days, right?

In my private lifeĀ I have no idea what I’m about and thats a real problem.

2016 sucked – I’d taken a 12 month sabbatical in the USA that was supposed to be a prelude to permanently relocating to the US with my now ex-girlfriend.

Obviously thats not happening now. Which sucks. (Thanks a lot Jen)

So now what?

I’m still running I guess and once you start running it’s hard to stop .

This is a simple honest and largely unedited brain-dump of what happens along the way.