About me


Jamie here.

Where to begin… let’s go backwards… yoga teacher trained but doesn’t teach, yoga therapy student, writer, actor, IT guy, chaotic evil magic user/cleric, occasionally spiritual, always questing, exceptionally unsatisfied with life in general.

In the good old days I’d travelled a lot working around the world. Then life kicked in and well…Everyone misses the good old days, right?

In my day job I’m an IT specialist/geek buried alive in regional Australia. It is mind numbingly boring and it’s slowly devouring my soul.

In my private lifeĀ I have no idea about what I’m about and thats a real problem. Just when I get a handle on it, everything implodes.

It all went to crap in 2001 and I’ve been scrambling frantically ever since.

2016 – I’d taken a 12 month sabbatical in the USA that was supposed to be a prelude to permanently relocating to the US with my now ex-girlfriend. Obviously thats not happening now. Which sucks. So now what?

I’m running away I guess…and once you start running it’s hard to stop .

This is a simple brain-dump of what happens along the way.