…negative energy clings

Caution: there will be negativity. But it’s not all my fault.

They say that burning White Sage to cleanse a space of negative energy is the way to go when bad juju attacks, but be warned – it can have unexpected consequences.

Did I mention that one of my housemates was evil?

Lets call her…hmmm…Angela, because that’s her name. Fuck you, Angela.

Warp back to last June – I’d just got back from the U.S, my heart shattered and life in apparent ruins (yeah you know the story blah blah blah boo hoo), and I needed to get in a roommate to replace me. So I panicked and said yes to the first ‘ok’ person that came along, settled her in, jumped on a plane, vanished for 6 months and forgot about Australia.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that things started to go awry – my other housemates moved out suddenly – one after the other, the new housemates rent suddenly became erratic and then stopped all together at times. Bills went unpaid. She was always “sorry, sorry sorry…but this happened…”

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I got back in November and discovered the truth for myself.

Angela was more than slightly psycho. Apart from never paying rent or her share of the bills without being hounded, she appeared quite unstable, self absorbed and totally neurotic. A 38 year old woman who acts like a 15 year old and speaks like a 5th grader, with no licence, no job (she lied about having full time work), and no boundaries. She’d driven at least 2 housemates to leave and the third was about to bail as well.

Here’s a few examples;

We have to hide in our rooms or leave the house as noone wants use the shared space in the house as we are afraid of engaging with her insanity.

We’ve coined a term in the housemates group – the “Ange Rush”.

Here’s why. She lives in her darkened room like a cave troll, and only comes out when someone walks in the front door. She’ll fly out of her room and get in your grill and spew a meandering stream of unfiltered consciousness into your face before you can respond (or even sometimes put down your bag) and then sweep off again and slam her door. Leaving you stressed and slightly unsettled.

This is one of the latest rants that I documented in a message to a friend (and the one that finally caused me to kick her out) ;

“I take 5 steps inside the door and I get the “Ange Rush” – of course its rent day so her door flies open and before I can get to my room there’s 10 minutes of mindless babble about how she woke up with a migraine and was vomiting everywhere and had to be driven to the Doctor by her sister and the doctor gave her an injection to stop the vomiting and there was blood in it and blood is bad but she had a pregnancy test and she’s not pregnant and it could be thyroid issues cos she’s put on 30 kg since moving in here and might have to go on tablets and the doctor thinks it’s the incense I’m burning that’s making her so sick and no he didn’t say to cut down smoking why do you ask? but it’s not the cigarettes cos she’s cut down to 2 as of today and she usually sleeps with a towel rolled up under her door so can I stop burning the incense please and she hasn’t had a chance to put the rent in yet as she gets paid on Tuesdays and couldn’t get to the bank today as she was sick”

…and another.

J had a car accident yesterday, hit a kangaroo – front of her little white compact car all smashed in, broken glass and blood everywhere. After limping home in her ruined car, J parked in the driveway and was trying to clean up the mess, up to her elbows in tears and broken glass. Angela wanders out, walks up to J and announces that “in case you haven’t heard, Ive been kicked out, but don’t worry…I have somewhere to go”…and then walks off for a smoke. Not even a glimmer of concern for her housemate. Fuck you Angela.

…and another.

I came home from my Mums funeral a few weeks ago, still dressed in my funereal suit, dazed and slightly in shock – I walk up to the front steps of the house where I find Angela and her “boyfriend” having a discussion. Her eyes are brimming with tears. I walk between them with barely a “hey” and go inside. A few minutes later she dramatically runs into the kitchen where I’m staring out the window composing myself. “I just need to tell you that I’ve broken up with my boyfriend, I’m a bit upset but I’ll be ok”…sniff sniff sniff…cue the red watering eyes, and then dramatically sweeps off into her room.

“I’m sorry to hear that” I say to her as she slams her door. “Smart man” I think quietly to myself as I pour a four finger Jamesons.

…and another.

We’ve all been subjected to the Ange Rush and tried to escape into the toilet. Angela follows into the bathroom without even taking a breath and has to have the door closed in her face, while she still talks through the closed toilet door. She often will loiter at the toilet door and mindlessly chatter on while the other housemates are in the bathroom, having a shower, cleaning their teeth, or taking a dump.

…and another.

She hides in her room with the blinds down and a towel rolled up under her door (apparently) and only comes out when someone comes home, or after 1.30pm (presumably she wakes up then), or to have a cigarette out the front in the street, then it’s back watching DVDs all day in her room. Later at night she surfaces where shes eats a cooked meal around 9/10pm and then back into her room to watch DVDs.

She doesn’t seem to ever look for a job,  rarely leaves the houseand and just hoovers unemployment benefits down (but always has money for cigarettes).

If friends do come over, she inserts herself into the group conversation, overshares about her fucked up life within 2 minutes of meeting a stranger and then just dominates.

And she never shuts up.

Fast forward to last Tuesday – I’d had enough, the rent was not paid, so I gave her Notice – a letter of ‘Get The Fuck Out’. All legal like and according to NSW Tenancy law.

Since then it’s been passive aggressive tension Hell.

I’ve had to listen to her constantly bitch, moan and badmouth me to her friends, there have been outright threats and passive aggressive notes on the refrigerator (yes Ange I’d be happy to buy toilet paper, and take my computer off your corner unit). But I’ve remained above it and been super nice.

And the latest? My work car was ‘keyed’ on the weekend – scratched to shit all along one side. While parked in my driveway, while 4 other cars around it weren’t touched. Right next to where the troll smokes. Coincidence?

Are you still with me?

Now, I started burning White Sage in the house for about 3 days last weekend – using a smudge to slowly cleanse the house of negative energy EXCEPT for Anges room. On the third day, shes gets violently ill and starts spewing like a possessed Regan from the Exorcist. Every time now I burn the White Sage, she flies out of her room, rants and storms around the house “who’s burning shit…sniff sniff sniff”…and is throwing all the doors and windows open to get rid of the Smoke..


Apparently the White Sage is working its magic slowly but surely.

Only 30 days to go.

Its a shit ton of evil though – maybe I’ll need a Priest.

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