So theres another variant of this virus lurking about apparently, and “BAM” slams international and interstate borders in response. Well, less ‘BAM” maybe. The upshot of this latest viral blip is that my travel home (back?) to Australia is again postponed, at least until January/February now.

The positive thing is that the niggly health things have settled down just in time for my housesitting stint to end, which is lucky cos moving house when you feel like crap is not fun. Ill miss this little place though, so convenient only a 45 minute walk to the city, and 20 mins from my favourite little cafe hangout.

A few weeks/months of paying rent then a move back into another housesitting gig from February onwards. Shame its much further out and far less convenient, but beggars cant be choosers in this Covid age.

Ahh well, change is good.

Monday today : hanging at the cafe, catching up on some diary stuff, answering a few work calls and generally waiting til lunchtime for the last of my post-winter catchups as my American friends head back to the states to reset for the next season at McMurdo. Then back home probably to pack a bit of my crap, and finish off the first part of the new Beatles “Get Back” thingie (it’s surprisingly intimate and very addictive)

I talked to my daughter last night – it’s her 17h birthday this week (another one I’ll miss) and she looks healthy and happy. Thats all I can hope for really.

Thats it. Boring post and just a placeholder in many ways and more to keep my thoughts active than to actually say anything useful. I cant even be arsed to put any pics up. It’s just another day.

So to summarise, mind is better, body is good, all systems normal.

Second coffee time.

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