Well yoga course finished and I managed to avoid the goodbyes, trim my belongings down further and get to the airport without having to relive any sad farewells.

The past week getting my head back into Svasha Yoga Therapy with Ganesh Mohan has been wonderful, challenging and so much fun. It’s really helped pull my head out of my arse in both a yogic and a sadsack way.


I’m at the airport – got there early cos that’s what I do, the gate was open and so I went to the gate early to check my boarding pass.

Just as the gate sign changed to OPEN.

300 people got up and lined up behind me like   sheep.

The cranky little Australian woman behind the counter looked at the line and snapped at me “we aren’t boarding yet, why are you lining up ?”

I just shrugged and asked if my seat was an aisle seat. If it wasn’t could I change it please?

She frowned at me and checked the pass. “Yep” she growled and then walked away.

“Ok” I said, looking at the No2 person in line …She raised her eyebrows and shook her head.

Crankypants then squawked/asked me and N02 to leave the line and make room for the priority passengers. So we did.

Only 6 people boarded then she looked right at me and called “all remaining passengers”


Oh and the seat wasn’t an aisle seat. It was dead centre between two of the largest people I have ever seen.

This is going to be a long flight .

Nicely played, airport lady, nicely played.

Oooo travel tip – no need to buy $5 water at Sydney airport international – just fill your drink bottles up after you get through Duty Free and are heading for the gates . Filtered water fountains abound and are free 😉

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