nothing is something…2

Yesterdays post was a blomit, (apologies) but today's will be a little more considered, interesting and hopefully not so meandering. After Chiang Dao, we decided to head up towards the Golden Triangle - that opium soaked corner of Thailand where Laos, Burma and Thailand meet. It seemed suitable remote and mountainous enough to satisfy our … Continue reading nothing is something…2

Settling in

So now I have wheels and another roof over my head. After procuring a scooter at a decent months rate (2500 baht, which isn't bad), braving the regular 5pm downpour and getting rather soaked, I was feeling pretty damn good. How could I not?  Zooming though the bustling streets of the Old City of Chiang Mai with … Continue reading Settling in

First Class blanket

OK so its been a little while, and I've been settling in and getting my bearings here in lovely Chiang Mai. This won't be a very entertaining post as I've just been feeling my way around slowly . Ive been staying in a guest house in one of the trendy areas but my housesitting gig … Continue reading First Class blanket


Well yoga course finished and I managed to avoid the goodbyes, trim my belongings down further and get to the airport without having to relive any sad farewells. The past week getting my head back into Svasha Yoga Therapy with Ganesh Mohan has been wonderful, challenging and so much fun. It's really helped pull my … Continue reading AirportsĀ 

Airport farewells suck…

So what is this wordy stream of consciousness that I'm reading. Firstly it's from my perspective - it's as honest as I can be but if you are in it and don't like it, tough. This is my take. Secondly, it's therapy for me and hopefully entertainment or inspiration for you, depending on your circumstances. … Continue reading Airport farewells suck…