One key aspect of solo travel is knowing when to call it - when to blow that "full time' whistle and head home. To be able to read the signs around you, look at your motivations, assess the risks and take action. I've hammered this point to fellow travelers over the years; now to take … Continue reading Spamdemic…#4


Friday morning and the streets here are getting emptier every day. Fewer and fewer people are venturing out; a combination of the smoke and the fear of Covid19. There's still the odd Westerner about, but we're definitely the minority now - the rowdy groups of backpackers and lovesick honeymooners are largely gone. The usual streetscapes … Continue reading Spamdemic…#3


So barely 12 hours after I arrive in Chiang Mai, the Australian Government announces outgoing International travel bans, effectively cutting Australia off from the rest of the world. FFKS. I learn about this while sitting in my favourite Chiang Mai cafe having my usual breakfast. Awesome. So I check the news. Doom, gloom, fear and … Continue reading Spamdemic…#2


Well dang it all to Hell. I'd just finished tappity-bloody tapping this post out on my widdley piddly iPhone screen - my cramped and decidedly not touchscreen friendly fingers frantically tapping out my innermost thoughts and secret desires  (tucked safely in my room having a slight sulk and feeling sorry for myself)  when the WordPress … Continue reading November?

Round three…

Well this is a very different Antarctic experience for me... Since we last caught up, there have been a few slight changes and course corrections life wise, but after almost 5 weeks training in Christchurch and a whirlwind tour of New Zealand in that time I've finally arrived this week at New Zealand's Research Station … Continue reading Round three…


Well dang! Turns out I won the New Zealand Antarctica tech job but didn't get a place on the boat for the Australian Antarctic Division this season. So no Davis Station for a third season in a row or last voyage on the Aurora Australis before she retires. What happened? So much for my plans. … Continue reading Correction…

F* that!

Now where were we up to... Hmm... Oh yeah, I remember : Hobart, working a normal 9-5 IT Service Desk job as an experiment to see if I can become a mindless worker drone again. As an experiment, it was a complete success. Mission accomplished. The conclusion? A solid 'Nup'. Now don't get me wrong … Continue reading F* that!