So barely 12 hours after I arrive in Chiang Mai, the Australian Government announces outgoing International travel bans, effectively cutting Australia off from the rest of the world. FFKS. I learn about this while sitting in my favourite Chiang Mai cafe having my usual breakfast. Awesome. So I check the news. Doom, gloom, fear and … Continue reading Spamdemic…#2

F* that!

Now where were we up to... Hmm... Oh yeah, I remember : Hobart, working a normal 9-5 IT Service Desk job as an experiment to see if I can become a mindless worker drone again. As an experiment, it was a complete success. Mission accomplished. The conclusion? A solid 'Nup'. Now don't get me wrong … Continue reading F* that!

Travel buddy!

Having a travel buddy again is great and hence I'm totally distracted from blogging.  A very good friend of mine flew in from Zurich (sounds so fancy!) a week ago to catch up. We've spent the last week reconnecting and playing tourist around northern Thailand - tuktuks, scoopys, tourist traps, yellow cars, green cars, dust … Continue reading Travel buddy!

…Cows! Pt 1.

Lets backtrack a little. Last year Jen and I had a car accident in the Far North of Australia, during our last Big Aussie Road trip in November. A cow decided to commit suicide and jump in front of our van one evening. Van was a write off, 100km from the nearest town - Halls … Continue reading …Cows! Pt 1.

Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

After a night spent dreaming of sharks, worst case scenarios and general underwater nastiness, chiding myself for being impulsive and reckless, and asking every friend I know that dives their opinion (thanks Kate), I dragged myself out of bed early on Saturday morning for the 7.00am start and the boat ride out to Sail Rock. … Continue reading Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 1

So...its been a little while since I wrote. Has it really been 14 days already? How have you been? This will be a bit of a ramble as I catch you up, buuut I have my laptop back finally so I can actually type (that drama is worth a blog entry alone and I'll revisit … Continue reading Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 1