Travel buddy!

Having a travel buddy again is great and hence I’m totally distracted from blogging. 

A very good friend of mine flew in from Zurich (sounds so fancy!) a week ago to catch up. We’ve spent the last week reconnecting and playing tourist around northern Thailand – tuktuks, scoopys, tourist traps, yellow cars, green cars, dust and pollution , orange buses and dodgy hotels coupled with amazingly beautiful wats, cosy guest houses, idyllic remote mountain wanderings, peaceful resorts and incredible food. 

This week it’s been adventure time though and we are discovering just how outdated Lonely Planet guides actually are by finally escaping the clutches of Chiang Mai province and getting off the tourist track and out into the more regional and remoter parts of the country. 

Meg has never been to Thailand before, and Bali had been her first real experience with south east Asia.  Welcome to Thailand ! 

Having also never scuba dived and, sharing an adventurous soul, she’s going to take her first scuba dive ever for her birthday next week. Being used to roughing it trekking through the wilds of Europe and central/South America , the tourist path here in Thailand is quite a different and at times frustrating pace…

More on this later  – it’s mountain and coffee time – too much to do to blog in depth  ! šŸ™‚ 

Stay tuned for further updates  – so much fun!

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