So, how 'bout this 'freedom' thing that all the cool kids are talking about lately - WTF is that about? <warning - this is a bit random and ranty as I'm having a day - continue at own risk> Freedom to travel, do, see, taste what you please when you want to without any real … Continue reading …cages

Here’s the thing…

...creatively, I can only seem to function in crisis mode. When things are going along nicely, my little dark wordy well of hopelessness and despair runs dry, along with any desire to write or create or share. 'Thank Fuck! - keep your whiny bullshit to yourself', you cry. Fear not and rest assured, Dear Reader, … Continue reading Here’s the thing…

nothing is something…2

Yesterdays post was a blomit, (apologies) but today's will be a little more considered, interesting and hopefully not so meandering. After Chiang Dao, we decided to head up towards the Golden Triangle - that opium soaked corner of Thailand where Laos, Burma and Thailand meet. It seemed suitable remote and mountainous enough to satisfy our … Continue reading nothing is something…2

nothing is something…

Sometimes I have nothing to say. Its extraordinary...shocking even and for the people that know me well, quite disturbing. It's the "I've got a bad feeling about this" Star Wars moment. I welcome it when it happens, it just doesn't happen a lot. The restlessness of my mind usually generates a constant background hum and … Continue reading nothing is something…

Travel buddy!

Having a travel buddy again is great and hence I'm totally distracted from blogging.  A very good friend of mine flew in from Zurich (sounds so fancy!) a week ago to catch up. We've spent the last week reconnecting and playing tourist around northern Thailand - tuktuks, scoopys, tourist traps, yellow cars, green cars, dust … Continue reading Travel buddy!

Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

After a night spent dreaming of sharks, worst case scenarios and general underwater nastiness, chiding myself for being impulsive and reckless, and asking every friend I know that dives their opinion (thanks Kate), I dragged myself out of bed early on Saturday morning for the 7.00am start and the boat ride out to Sail Rock. … Continue reading Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 1

So...its been a little while since I wrote. Has it really been 14 days already? How have you been? This will be a bit of a ramble as I catch you up, buuut I have my laptop back finally so I can actually type (that drama is worth a blog entry alone and I'll revisit … Continue reading Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 1