Well of course Thursdays flight was cancelled, wasn’t it. Just for a few brief hours I’d allowed myself to entertain getting to Australia ok. It took a lot of phone calls, luck and pleases to get this sorted, but eventually a super helpful lady at the Thai Airways ticketing counter at Chiang Mai airport ( … Continue reading Spamdemic…#5


So barely 12 hours after I arrive in Chiang Mai, the Australian Government announces outgoing International travel bans, effectively cutting Australia off from the rest of the world. FFKS. I learn about this while sitting in my favourite Chiang Mai cafe having my usual breakfast. Awesome. So I check the news. Doom, gloom, fear and … Continue reading Spamdemic…#2

Life rafts 

Chiang Mai is great but I'm craving a change. As domestic flights in Thailand are relatively cheap, I've decided to head south - it's more of a timeliness thing and goes against my "by ground" travel plans , but 12 hours in an overnight bus was just to risky, despite the price. So for the princely … Continue reading Life rafts 

Bump in

Crazy coincidences make travel so unexpected and fun. This a rambling tale but bear with it. Yesterday I travelled up to Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand - about 50km from the Burma border and just simply stunning mountains, rice paddy's and lush dense jungles. Imagine the Warrumbungles covered in dense jungle and tropical rainforest, veiled by … Continue reading Bump in


So 2014...that's when it started for me. There's a lot of history but let's start here.  I'm going to overshare so trigger warning here if you are grieving. 2014 : L and I were engaged after an exciting, intense relationship. All was going well as these things do but we'd had some major setbacks. We'd … Continue reading Nevermore

Airport farewells suck…

So what is this wordy stream of consciousness that I'm reading. Firstly it's from my perspective - it's as honest as I can be but if you are in it and don't like it, tough. This is my take. Secondly, it's therapy for me and hopefully entertainment or inspiration for you, depending on your circumstances. … Continue reading Airport farewells suck…