Life rafts 

Chiang Mai is great but I'm craving a change. As domestic flights in Thailand are relatively cheap, I've decided to head south - it's more of a timeliness thing and goes against my "by ground" travel plans , but 12 hours in an overnight bus was just to risky, despite the price. So for the princely … Continue reading Life rafts 

Bump in

Crazy coincidences make travel so unexpected and fun. This a rambling tale but bear with it. Yesterday I travelled up to Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand - about 50km from the Burma border and just simply stunning mountains, rice paddy's and lush dense jungles. Imagine the Warrumbungles covered in dense jungle and tropical rainforest, veiled by … Continue reading Bump in


So 2014...that's when it started for me. There's a lot of history but let's start here.  I'm going to overshare so trigger warning here if you are grieving. 2014 : L and I were engaged after an exciting, intense relationship. All was going well as these things do but we'd had some major setbacks. We'd … Continue reading Nevermore

First Class blanket

OK so its been a little while, and I've been settling in and getting my bearings here in lovely Chiang Mai. This won't be a very entertaining post as I've just been feeling my way around slowly . Ive been staying in a guest house in one of the trendy areas but my housesitting gig … Continue reading First Class blanket