2022 eh.

So far this year has had some interesting developments (completely out of the blue) which required some emergency mental gymnastics, mildly Machiavellian plotting and ‘wake the fuck up’ decision making.

The short story is that I’ll be staying in New Zealand for the forseeable future. Long term. Permanent resident this year if its viable.

The LONG story is a convoluted series of overcooked decisions and sleepless nights mixed with a lot of waiting around and endless walking to sort things out in my head and come up with a strategy. Which I have. Kind of.

On a positive note, my daily step count is ludicrous and some of my clothes fit properly again.

Getting back to Australia, and then back to New Zealand safely is going to be virtually impossible, so luckily am housesitting a fellow Antarctican’s house here in Christchurch while he winters again this season, providing a safe haven here at least until October. This move is happening on the weekend so I’ll be getting ready to relocate yet again from now – discard, donate, pack, move. Incredibly the wheels set in motion last year have actually spun in my favour and for once my overplanning OCD has come in useful.

I’ll try to get my daughter out of Australia for a visit (or longer) when the Covid nightmare there settles down, assuming she remembers who I am after three years of absenteeism.

For now, I’m trying to prune away the scar tissue formed over the past 6 years (who am I kidding – more like the past 30) and see what lies underneath. Cut away the dead wood, nurture instead of punish, break down some walls and mix some metaphors.

Surprisingly, there is something still alive in there – I can feel it slowly stirring and cautiously unfolding deep in the depths after years of denial and neglect.

To be honest the feels are good lately, colors are bright, and the sun is shining bright today in Christchurch. I love this new burst of personal growth that’s hit me lately.l – maybe it’s all the exercise, decent food and the odd vitamin supplement? Somethings working! 🙂

OH My French language intensive course starts on Monday at the local Alliance Francais here in Christchurch- something I’ve wanted to do forever, which is exciting.


Being able to effectively reframe, duck and evade as the world burns is a useful skill in these pandemic times and it would seem that the real trick in ‘pivoting’ (hate that word) is to find a new path and not endlessly spin in the same spot. That’s been a pattern for me unfortunately.

It’s Tuesday 11 Jan 2022, I’m 2 Americanos into the morning and about to e-scooter home to do some laundry.

This is my life now.


2 thoughts on “regrowth…

  1. I’m very happy things are turning out well for yo. Looks like the new year new beginnings thing can sometimes be true. Good luck being a Kiwi.


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