Gpu blues

My MacBook Air is no more. 

It is bereft of life, etc etc.

I am devastated slightly and missing it’s silky comforting touch under my fingertips. Last night its magical GPU failed, sending my display into an undecipherable test pattern of rainbow colours and kernel panicking my OS to death. 

The Apple online support guys were excellent and I was hopeful right up to when I told them where I was . Ah. Chiang Mai.  Ok. 

The local Apple repairer was set up in a slick minimalist shop in a slick over the top Mall IT centre so again I was hopeful . The tech even spoke some English . Perfect . 

Diagnosis = DOA at Apple Repair Centre Chiang Mai . Main board . At least 2 weeks repair. Parts from Singapore.

Dear God no. 2 weeks? There goes photo and video editing, Netflix and my movies. 

How am I going to fit in with the cool coffee shop crowd? 

Dang. ( thats my go to curse word now) 

Leaving my shiny aluminium baby with a complete stranger felt like dropping my daughter off at her first day of daycare. 

Strange how we get attached to these tech things. 

My consolation? Drowning my sorrows in bacon with The best BLT I’ve even seen and blogging about it with my last piece of blogging capable tech – my iPhone . 

Luckily I have books galore and now little distraction (as Netflix on an iPhone is a last act of lazy desperation and unsustainable)

Time to read.    

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