So it’s 6.45am Friday and I’m just about to catch a ride down to the wharf.

Leaving again after only a few days in Hobart, on board the big orange icebreaker that is the Aurora Australis and heading down to Macquarie Island – the Galapagos of the South ( google it)

I’m very excited.


Trimmed Down my bags to a backpack and a single soft side duffel – getting really good at this minimisation thing…comes in handy when you become a gypsy.

Looks like this is my new jam now so I’d better get used to it.

Upgraded my camera lens to a 40-150 Pro so I’m hoping to see a shit ton more penguins, seals, birdlife and whales – even Orca if I’m lucky.

If you think I’m prone to hyperbole now, just prepare for it if I get to see Orca again. Remember last time?

Anyway I’ll keep a running blog on the journey but it’s possible I’ll only have Internet for another few hours, then maybe not for a few days at least as we journey to Macquarie Island.

Stay tuned…


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