careful what you wish for…

Well that was fast!

Recent travel plans are now put on hold temporarily to brush aside some dusty cobwebs and explore a dim light shining through a slim crack of opportunity; looking to gain a tentative fingerhold back at the Antarctic Division in Hobart.

I’ve been ‘home’ in Dubbo just under two weeks now and have somehow managed to pick up a short term contract back in Hobart: returning into the warm loving arms of the Australian Antarctic Division (bhahahahah) and taking a 20 year journey back in time as well – revisiting my career roots as an entry level Service Desk Monkey.

You know: the job you do when you’re in your early 20’s and are just out of school, got tired of TAFE and bailed or simply failed Uni.

Bottom rung problem solver;  “Hello IT” caffeine addicted phone-wench. Tech Support drudgeon.

It’s the absolute worst job in the IT world but the best way to get a foothold in an organisation…also I heart the people that do this work.

When I got back from this years Antarctic adventure I’d put out feelers for work at the Div but there wasnt anything available at the time.

Same old story “we’re waiting for funding etc etc”

The IT manager there had given me a local Hobart contact with a recruiter and I took it with a hopeful grain of salt and then promptly forgot all about it in the rush of returning home and getting the smouldering remains of my Dubbo life stacked and stored away permanently.

So I survived reentry into Dubbo this time, and apart from roasting in the daily high 30’s heat, managed to catch up with most of my friends in town and as an added bonus, see a few movies in my favourite cinema.

During one of the many “what the fuck am I doing with my life” moments experienced while walking the mean streets of 40 degree day Dubbo (not having a car in this town gives you a lot of walk time to think), I called the recruiter and gave her my details just in case (name dropping savagely as we spoke) – theres no point in having a hook on your line if you dont bait it nicely and throw it into the water.

My enquiries with Tasmanian locals about the chances of getting into the Hobart job market had yielded less than favourable results (“they like to hire Tasmanians over mainlanders”, “you have to be living in Hobart to have a chance”, “its hard to break in” , “why are you talking to me?” , and so on).

Anyhoo…I’d been back in Dubbo about a week when the offer came through (on a Thursday starting work on the following Monday – yep that’d be AAD).

The recruiter had called and left a message, and then emailed the details, asking for a response ASAP. I hadnt rang back – not wanting to make a rash decision.

Fuck…now what?

I had semi firm plans to visit friends in Sydney and Canberra plus see my daughter in Hervey Bay. Could it wait 6 weeks? How can I do this? Do I really want to relocate to Hobart for just 6 weeks? Or at all?

Goodbye sleep for the next 24 hours as my brain screamed into overdrive trying to figure out how to do this.

The money wasnt great – (actually it was totally shit and I’d barely break even after costs) so apart from the ego bump of a shitty low grade job, there was the “how do I make this at least cost zero to me” problem?

What about accommodation (super expensive – even shitty 6 bed to a room hostels are $30 a night)? Transport – how can I actually get to work with no Metro buses running to the Div? Do I buy a car? Motorcycle? What do I do with it after? How do I ship it back to the mainland?

I dont think I have enough time.

No, thats it. I definitely dont have enough time to pull it all together.

Plus do I really want to work full time again?

Didnt I swear to myself that I’d never work inside again?

Didnt people mostly suck?

This could be good though, right? A chance to work in a small focussed team again, upskill, refresh my resume and IT experience AND form some concrete relationships in the Division that can only help me in the future.

Hmmm…..lets sleep on it.

Int.  Bedroom – Morning

Bright sunlight streams through the window, revealing a figure wrapped in a blanket with a pillow over its face.

The phone on the bed rings loudly.

JAMIE thrashes around for the phone, glancing at the display.

‘FUUCK’…it’s the Recruiter.

“Have you decided yet? They’ll give you a start date of the 22nd instead of the 18th” she asks.


“Theyre really excited to get you” she says

“Yes at this bullshit hourly rate they’d be fucking ecstatic” I mutter quietly to myself.

‘Pardon?” says the Recruiter?

“Yes, I’ll do it, send me the details and what I need to do please” says the stupid half asleep person as he hangs up the phone and places the pillow over his face again.


Life moment.

Right. Looks like I’m off to Hobart on Thursday for a while so better get organised!

I have a lot of things to do.

To be continued…

**Grrr…Internet is down over most of Dubbo today – only the inner city seems to be online so it’s a rainy cafe day Sunday for me!

Awww…shame that.




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