first world problem…

It’s Monday and I’m not in New Zealand.

You may recall I was booked to fly Sunday (yesterday) after my Approval To Leave Australia came through last week and the NZ travel approval expected to follow shortly after.

Good news came Friday in typical Government fashion (ie last minute on a Friday) – my Critical Worker Application (that allows me to enter New Zealand during the Border Closure) was approved. The email came through about lunchtime Aussie time with the exciting header –

“Invitation to apply under the COVID-19 travel ban exception process…

YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!! squeed the little voice in my head, excited to be finally on my way to Ne…..

“Your request to be considered under the COVID-19 travel ban exception process has been successful and the above people are now invited to apply for a visitor visa.”

<record scratch> WTF!!!!…


Yep – it’s taken my New Zealand Critical Worker Entry application 2 weeks to be approved so that I…can now apply for a f*cking New Zealand Visa???


Previously Aussies could just fly to Kiwiland and start work – no visa required as we got a what equates to virtually a residents visa on arrival. Thanks to Covid19 this has now changed and we’re in the queue with the rest of the cattle trying to get in.

The remainder of the day was spent dealing with an equally incredulous Antarctica New Zealand who had only just found out about this Visa requirement as well and the both of us scrambled to get all the requested documentation emailed off before close of business in NZ  (achieved in under a few hours, which was even more surprising)

So what now? .. the short non-rant story is more delays, more expense with rent in Canberra, more stress related nightmares and sleeplessness plus a little more uncertainty in my life. Awesome.

On a more positive note, I have a new camera to play with. Updating my 6 year old EM1 Mark 1 to the EM1 Mark III – bit of a quantum leap up in technology for me and unfortunately has exposed and magnified every single weakness I have photographically-wise.

I bit the bullet and sacrified some serious coin to the Retails Gods and updated my lens collection to include a super bright 8mm fish eye for starfields, nightscapes and landscapes but there’s so much more this little Pro lens can do. My last few days have been reading manuals and wandering around Canberra figuring out exactly how much I suck at taking photos but I’m upskilling heaps.

Its been fun though, and certainly is turning my daily iso walks into a learning experience.

It could be much worse so all things considered, I shouldn’t whine too much.

At least I’m not in Melbourne like the AntNZ mechanic is (they’re trying to get him over as well) and its best to be thankful for even the small miracles though- Canberra is still relatively open and Covid free.




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