After 5 months of stress, anxiety and dislocation with uncertainty and isolation my bedfellows every sleepless night since March, I'm finally on my way out of the dumpster fire that is Australia 2020. Unfortunately not on a ship (so the Exodus analogy ends here) but rather a grumpy and sour Qantas flight to Sydney and … Continue reading exodus…


So now it appears that Australia was a little early to start patting itself on the back about it's performance with Covid 19 and fast track economic recovery. Apparently the 'Australian dumbarse bogan factor' wasn't taken into account when they were busy circlejerking themselves about our pandemic response and it appears that the abundant 'Idiot … Continue reading …idiots.


Well of course Thursdays flight was cancelled, wasn’t it. Just for a few brief hours I’d allowed myself to entertain getting to Australia ok. It took a lot of phone calls, luck and pleases to get this sorted, but eventually a super helpful lady at the Thai Airways ticketing counter at Chiang Mai airport ( … Continue reading Spamdemic…#5


One key aspect of solo travel is knowing when to call it - when to blow that "full time' whistle and head home. To be able to read the signs around you, look at your motivations, assess the risks and take action. I've hammered this point to fellow travelers over the years; now to take … Continue reading Spamdemic…#4


Friday morning and the streets here are getting emptier every day. Fewer and fewer people are venturing out; a combination of the smoke and the fear of Covid19. There's still the odd Westerner about, but we're definitely the minority now - the rowdy groups of backpackers and lovesick honeymooners are largely gone. The usual streetscapes … Continue reading Spamdemic…#3


So barely 12 hours after I arrive in Chiang Mai, the Australian Government announces outgoing International travel bans, effectively cutting Australia off from the rest of the world. FFKS. I learn about this while sitting in my favourite Chiang Mai cafe having my usual breakfast. Awesome. So I check the news. Doom, gloom, fear and … Continue reading Spamdemic…#2