…Cows! Pt 1.

Lets backtrack a little. Last year Jen and I had a car accident in the Far North of Australia, during our last Big Aussie Road trip in November. A cow decided to commit suicide and jump in front of our van one evening. Van was a write off, 100km from the nearest town - Halls … Continue reading …Cows! Pt 1.

Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

After a night spent dreaming of sharks, worst case scenarios and general underwater nastiness, chiding myself for being impulsive and reckless, and asking every friend I know that dives their opinion (thanks Kate), I dragged myself out of bed early on Saturday morning for the 7.00am start and the boat ride out to Sail Rock. … Continue reading Black Moon in Baan Tai – Part 2

Life rafts 

Chiang Mai is great but I'm craving a change. As domestic flights in Thailand are relatively cheap, I've decided to head south - it's more of a timeliness thing and goes against my "by ground" travel plans , but 12 hours in an overnight bus was just to risky, despite the price. So for the princely … Continue reading Life rafts 

Bump in

Crazy coincidences make travel so unexpected and fun. This a rambling tale but bear with it. Yesterday I travelled up to Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand - about 50km from the Burma border and just simply stunning mountains, rice paddy's and lush dense jungles. Imagine the Warrumbungles covered in dense jungle and tropical rainforest, veiled by … Continue reading Bump in

Gpu blues

My MacBook Air is no more.  It is bereft of life, etc etc. I am devastated slightly and missing it's silky comforting touch under my fingertips. Last night its magical GPU failed, sending my display into a decipherable test pattern of rainbow colours and kernel panicking my OS to death.  The Apple online support guys … Continue reading Gpu blues

Settling in

So now I have wheels and another roof over my head. After procuring a scooter at a decent months rate (2500 baht, which isn't bad), braving the regular 5pm downpour and getting rather soaked, I was feeling pretty damn good. How could I not?  Zooming though the bustling streets of the Old City of Chiang Mai with … Continue reading Settling in